[rc5] MacOS the top?

G. Armour Van Horn vanhorn at whidbey.net
Sun Jul 27 23:41:08 EDT 1997

At 00:01 28.07.1997, Ryan Dumperth wrote:
>Team evangelist at apple.com has come out of nowhere to assume
>the #1 daily rank with 250Mkeys/sec yesterday.

TidBits is an international weekly Macintosh e-mail publication that has a
readership well over 100K, and Adam had a blurb on the RC5 challenge in
last Monday's edition. That's where I heard about it.

I, however, chose to enter on my own rather than with a team, because I'm
just a difficult sort. Also my two Macs are my second and third fastest
key-crunchers, and I thought I'd get most of my machines involved. (I've
got 6 running now, and I think I'll get the K6 involved shortly.) I'm
running at about 2300k keys/second now, about equally split between two
Macs and four PCs.


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