[rc5] Various results, various CPUs

Saari Anssi as at cs.tut.fi
Mon Jul 28 17:19:07 EDT 1997

> Not completely, but this means that almost all of that 16K is
> available for instruction storage if the data storage
> requirements are light. Which, in the case of the rc5 code,
> they are. There is also a primary, instructions only, cache of
> 256 bytes. Since the new mmx procs from intel have split 16k
> code/16k data caches, that might just be the difference 

Almost 16K plus 256B is better than definitely 16K? Well, depends on the
almost, I guess :)

I'd really like to know if the most timecconsuming code fits in the 8K
cache of a regular Pentium and what is really the operation(s) that uses
up the most time. I seem to recall reading once that the rotate
instructions are rather slow in a Pentium, perhaps this could be the
reason for the advantage of other processors over the Pentium?


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