[rc5] MacOS the top? Funny

Marc Farnum Rendino mvgfr at netcom.com
Mon Jul 28 11:06:16 EDT 1997

At 8:09 AM -0400 on 1997/07/28, Mike Silbersack wrote:

> I just don't like the contest organizers to start playing favorites.

It would seem to be a bit of a stretch to reach that conclusion.

For example, the note about the FAQ (sorely needed judging by the whining
about Mac-related stuff on the list) looks like a simple error (although
Mac OS has been tops in the _daily_ stats so it's not entirely inaccurate)
and your original complaint appears to be based on a misunderstanding of
the particular stats you quoted.

I'm sometimes amazed that the Bovine folk continue in their (volunteer!)
efforts in the face of all kids of requests/demands/accusations!

C'mon folks, let's keep our eyes on the big picture!

- Marc

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