[rc5] MacOS the top? Funny

Stuart Anthony denitto at llamas.net
Mon Jul 28 11:29:47 EDT 1997

On Mon, 28 Jul 1997, Marc Farnum Rendino wrote:

> At 8:09 AM -0400 on 1997/07/28, Mike Silbersack wrote:
> > I just don't like the contest organizers to start playing favorites.
> It would seem to be a bit of a stretch to reach that conclusion.
> For example, the note about the FAQ (sorely needed judging by the whining
> about Mac-related stuff on the list) looks like a simple error (although
> Mac OS has been tops in the _daily_ stats so it's not entirely inaccurate)
> and your original complaint appears to be based on a misunderstanding of
> the particular stats you quoted.
> I'm sometimes amazed that the Bovine folk continue in their (volunteer!)
> efforts in the face of all kids of requests/demands/accusations!
> C'mon folks, let's keep our eyes on the big picture!
> - Marc

See, I think what understanding that needs to be explored here is that
most of the organizers don't run MacOS platform machines, therefore, the
faq addressed what was known by the collective conciousness.  With the
development and changing of the primary mac coders, those people still in
high profile never ran the mac client, so support for the client was
sketchy at best.  Now that the mac dev team has cemented, I think
the platform will have more coverage in that way.

And, need I say it...

The more people bitch, whine and complain, the longer it takes for the
people who are doing the work to do it.


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