[rc5] MacOS RC5 v2.002 is here!

Jason Novinger novinger at falcon.cc.ukans.edu
Mon Jul 28 10:34:36 EDT 1997

The Bovine RC5 v2.002 client for MacOS has been released.  The official
download page is <http://rc5.distributed.net/rc5v2-clients.html> or you can
download it using this link

Because of the speed increases in this version, we need to get as many
people updated as possible -- every 68k machine that switches to the new
client is equivalent to adding at least two additional 68k machines, and
every 10 PowerMacs that upgrade add the equivalent of one new PowerPC.

v2.002 changes

* Semi-optimized for G3 (as much as possible without some "help" from
  Apple Seeding), and runs 5-15% faster on 603 and 604 systems
* Runs up to 3 times faster than 2.000 on 68k systems
* Menu items to Flush and Fetch key blocks
* Larger text areas in dialog boxes so people with bigger fonts can
  read the entire text.
* Copied over most relevant 2.002 patches from the Unix client:
   + random keys if client can't connect
   + flush checks count before opening connection
   + httpd fixed - checked under CERN and WinProxy
   + miscellaneous other bug fixes

Also, stop by and check out the RC5-Mac website
<http://falcon.cc.ukans.edu/~novinger/rc5-mac/>. We provide daily updates
on the state of the Mac RC5 effort, daily stats, team information, tips and
techniques, a faq and documentation for the client, and download links for
the client and various utilities.

Jason Novinger
<novinger at falcon.cc.ukans.edu>
RC5-Mac Administrator

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