[rc5] MacOS RC5 v2.002 is here!

kzinti at iti2.net kzinti at iti2.net
Mon Jul 28 15:46:39 EDT 1997

In <v0310280cb0026b7b400a@[]>, on 07/28/97 
   at 09:34 AM, Jason Novinger <novinger at falcon.cc.ukans.edu> said:

>The Bovine RC5 v2.002 client for MacOS has been released.  The official
>download page is <http://rc5.distributed.net/rc5v2-clients.html> or you
>can download it using this link

>v2.002 changes

>* Semi-optimized for G3 (as much as possible without some "help" from
>  Apple Seeding), and runs 5-15% faster on 603 and 604 systems * Runs up
>to 3 times faster than 2.000 on 68k systems


Are you going to give the 68k enhancement to the Amiga client people? :) 

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