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Brian Young byoung at oru.edu
Mon Jul 28 17:36:24 EDT 1997

>Formally announcing the rc5-team at osrhe.edu.
>We are a team comprised completely of  Oklahoma
>entities.  Please see our web page for more info:
>We would like to be included on the teams page under the regional
>We are here to prove that Oklahoma is more than dirt, tornados, and
>Auntie Em.

Okay, to follow-up my own post.

I know that Auntie Em and Dorthy and all them were in Kansas.    I was
tring alittle joke there, and the second I sent it, it hit me that some
of guys would want to correct me.

I was tring to say, or make the point that Kansas and Oklahoma share
some of the same disdain amoung the states, mainly that they are primary
flat and brown and boring to drive though.

Brian Young
Internet Systems Administator
Oral Roberts University
byoung at oru.edu

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