[rc5] What is a Mhz?

Brian H. Napier bnapier at dicksonstreet.com
Tue Jul 29 00:16:09 EDT 1997

>>>Among other machines, I'm running the client on a P200/MMX and a
>>>regular P200.  A coworker says there's "no way" these two machines can
>>>be running at virtually identical speed, but they are - about 240Kk/s. 

>>Perhaps it would be better if you got him to explain why he is so sure that
>>their performance should differ.
>Hi , my P200 MMX also runs about 240k

My PowerPC150 (604) Gets 350Kk/s average.   (Heh, I just had to do it)

But, I do have a question.

Would it be possible to 'see' with my own eyes the actual algorithm my 
computer is performing? Would it fit on this page in text form even? I'd 
be really interested. Thanks


BTW Thanks for the version 2.002 of the Mac client!
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