[rc5] Mac approaching the top! (Not there yet, though)

Barry Nathan barryn at pobox.com
Tue Jul 29 00:46:25 EDT 1997

Looking at the new fixed total stats 
<http://rc5.distributed.net/stats/total/email.html>, I saw this:

Rank	Email/Team	          Blocks	 Time Working	 Last Seen	      Avg 
1   	linux at linuxnet.org   1341260 108.2 days 	 20.4 hrs ago 	   37896.250 
2   	rsacrack at vex.net 	   720758 	126.2 days 	 20.4 hrs ago 	   17452.493 
3   	rc5 at distributed.net 	558482 	119.1 days 	 a long time ago  unknown 
4 	  evangelist at apple.com	522667 	15.6 days 	  3.9 hrs ago 	    103000.282
5   	warped at ionet 	       465928 	34.3 days   	3.9 hrs ago 	    41426.507

So, it looks like the evangelist at apple.com team is edging upward - 
assuming that rc5 at distributed.net is dead, evangelist at apple.com should be 
blasting into the #3 position very soon.

Also, look at how far we've come in less than 16 days! The other top 5 
teams (except for #5 - is that Team Warped?) have been around for at 
least 100 days.

Also, take a look at the OS/Platform stats 
<http://rc5.distributed.net/stats/total/platform.html>. It looks like v1 
clients have still done the majority of the blocks (unless I'm misreading 
the stats), but as far as v2.00x clients go, MacOS is ahead of everything 

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