[rc5] MacOS the top? Not surprising..

seth sjohnson at smart.net
Tue Jul 29 04:34:42 EDT 1997


> At 8:44 PM -0600 on 7/28/97, Dave Huang wrote:
> > On Mon, 28 Jul 1997, Mike Silbersack wrote:
> > At the rate they're going,
> > they will be the top OS, even in the cumulative stats. Makes me wish
> I had
> > a PPC machine :) (doesn't make me wish I ran MacOS though :)
> > --

Well, if you are salivating over the PPC architecture's strength in key
crunching, but frightened by the user-friendliness of the OS, you might
want to check the client benchmarks... To this date, the MacOS client
beats the MKLinux & AIX clients running on similar hardware.. 

 7.5.5    PowerComputing    PowerPC 604    132Mhz    170435.21   

Linux    Motorola    PowerPC 604    132Mhz            285000 (v2.002

AIX 4.2    Motorola    PowerPC 604    133Mhz    284880.86 (v2.002

        (above benchmarks from http://www.alde.com/speed.html)

> Jason Novinger wrote:

> Well, I have heard rumblings that a new BeOS version is due out soon!

I recall that Andrew experimented with a BeOS client during the Deschall
project and didn't find that it really met the expectations piled on top
of that "super-efficient OS."


Seth Johnson

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