[rc5] MacOS the top? Funny

Rene Kint itsux at xs4all.nl
Tue Jul 29 12:16:54 EDT 1997

Shea Tisdale wrote:

> But I have to say that the big picture is the most important thing.

Yep. I am an OS/2 user (one if the 2000 :-) but not a member of Team
Warped (for the reason that Warped started later than us, and we have a
different goal with the money ;-)

> And while I know a Mac will probably be the one to break the key and to
> lead the pack in all stats (soon) - I'll be very happy if its a commodore 64,
> Tandy Color Computer or an Atari 400 that cracks the key.
 I don't give much for the stats, except that I use them to see if our
clients are still running. (team: ror at omegam.amsterdam.nl, VERY SMALL
team :-)

I would PREFER a Commodore 64 or VIC-20 to break the key. That would be

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