[rc5] Running the client (OS/2 related)

Rene Kint itsux at xs4all.nl
Tue Jul 29 12:32:38 EDT 1997

Hello, fellow crackers.

I have read quite some posts about running the RC5 client effectively on
a system. I even read about people using REXX scripts to keep them
running. Well, maybe I missed the point, but here is how I do it (OS/2
machine, but other platforms might have similar utilities).

I am runnin' the 2.002 client for OS/2 constantly in the background;
just put it in my startup folder, checked the 'run minimized' box and I
never notice it. So it always runs whenever I reboot, or whatever I do.

The client is set up for 50 blocks (max) at a time.

I use InJoy as my Internet dialer. Injoy has the ability to start
programs at connect, disconnect, or whatever you wish. 

I have created a script that runs rc5 -update, and made Injoy start it
at connect (or disconnect, which seems better sometimes). The script
simply starts another instance of RC5 which empties/refills the various
buffers. The already running RC5 client doesn't even notice..:-) It just
sees another stack of blocks in its buffer all the time.

A little CRON clone (CHRON, PM interface) starts Injoy 3 times a day,
effectively filling and flushing the buffers (as my AMD K6 does only
about 4 blocks an hour, I have a max. of 12 hours between events to keep
it happy).

Works perfect.

Just my way. 

Amsterdam, NL.
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