[rc5] MacOS RC5 v2.002 is here!

Rebecca and Rowland rebecca at astrid.u-net.com
Tue Jul 29 21:45:47 EDT 1997

>Brian H. Napier <bnapier at dicksonstreet.com> wrote:
>>3 times faster on 68k machines???
>It's actually 4 times faster, in my experience - my Performa 475 with
>MacOS 8.0 used to do 5kkeys/sec with v2.000. With 2.002, it does

Interesting - my Performa 475 running B1-7.6.1 managed 5450 keys/sec with
the V2.000 client, and I've just seen 20956 keys/sec with the v2.002
client, which is 3.8 times faster.  It seems that there's no OS-dependent
speed variation, as suggested in the Mac docs.


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