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>% Is this correct?  Is anyone considering 6x86MX and K6 optimizations?  %
>It seems like the K6's are really slow for their clock speed.  Can %
>anyone confirm whether or not they have a rotate instruction?  It has %
>been speculated that they might not, but no one was able to %
>confirm/deny this with authority.  Just curious, especially about the %
>6x86MX optimization.  Besides better branch prediction and a larger %
>(64k) L1 cache, is it that much different from the 6x86?.

>Of course they have a rotate instruction.  it is an x86 chip, therefor it
>can execute all the x86 instructions.

Yes, the RISC86 converter in the K6 has a Rotate instruction, but it may
be Simulated in the Risc processor itself or may be slower (ie they
sacrifice speed on Rotate for speed elsewhere)

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