[rc5] MacOS RC5 v2.002 is here!

Dave Huang khym at bga.com
Tue Jul 29 20:43:58 EDT 1997

On Tue, 29 Jul 1997, Rebecca and Rowland wrote:

> >It's actually 4 times faster, in my experience - my Performa 475 with
> >MacOS 8.0 used to do 5kkeys/sec with v2.000. With 2.002, it does
> >20kkeys/sec.
> Interesting - my Performa 475 running B1-7.6.1 managed 5450 keys/sec with
> the V2.000 client, and I've just seen 20956 keys/sec with the v2.002
> client, which is 3.8 times faster.  It seems that there's no OS-dependent
> speed variation, as suggested in the Mac docs.

FWIW, my Centris 660av (25MHz 68040) got around 10Kkeys/s with the v1
client, 6Kkeys/s with v2.000, and 20Kkeys/s with v2.002. Powerbook 150
(33MHz 68030, I think) did about 5Kkeys/s with v1, 8Kkeys/s with v2.002. I
never tried v2.000 on the Powerbook, since it was so slow on the Centris.
I'm running 7.5.5 on both machines.

Congrats and thanks to the Mac coders for speeding up the 68K code! :) I
hope the new code makes it into the other 68K clients... My Centris spends
most of its time running NetBSD (10Kkeys/s with the v2.002 NetBSD/m68k

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