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kzinti at iti2.net kzinti at iti2.net
Tue Jul 29 20:51:06 EDT 1997

In <Pine.LNX.3.95.970730211635.8469A-100000 at ilove.cuy.net>, on 07/30/97 
   at 09:47 PM, Phillip Mak <pickle at dman.com> said:

>> The command line parameters can do this right? :)

>I dunno, but 2.002 can.

>> 50 blocks..  that ought to last that computer.. ohh. at least a month :)
>> It's only a 68000/7.14mhz after all. :)

>Any computer helps, v2.002 can't run on a 68000, but I'm not sure about
>v1. Tho the v1 clients don't have buffer-in/out files.

Hopefully they'll make a 68000 capable version of the Amiga version.

I also have a 68030 amiga 3000. that one wont be connected to the net for
another month or so

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