[rc5] MacOS vs. WinNT stability

Vincent Janelle random at avara.com
Wed Jul 30 08:49:14 EDT 1997

The comments are in the message...

On Tue, 29 Jul 1997, Brad Spachman wrote:

> Perhaps one of the reasons that the Mac clients are moving up so quickly in
> the statistics is that the client is very stable. Rowland's (justified)
> ravings about the 2.000 client aside, I haven't had the v2 clients crash or
> misfire in any way on the Mac once since it's release.


> The P5/6 clients, on the other hand, crash with regularity on my NT boxes
> with application exception errors. It seems that half of my NT boxes crash
> each night. Hopefully, 2.003 will fix this, but otherwise, I'll just
> restart the crashed clients each morning.

Hmm, odd.  I ran the client yesterday on a PII 266, of about 7 hours.
Nothing went wrong for me.. you may wish to run the client with "-test" to
check the client, and make sure it hasn't been damaged.  Another problem
might be that NT could be corrupted itself.  If at all possible,
re-install NT on one machine, and test to see if the problem is resolved.
> I can't speak to the other clients' stability, but since I haven't seen any
> complaints, I'll assume they're as rock-solid as the Mac.

Well, they are solid... My unix one had been running for 3 days straight
before I had to recompile my kernel for other reasons.  It seems to
whenever yoou throw in a GUI, things get unstable.

One last thing, check the programs that are being run on those machines,
and if users ever had to press the reset button.  I know Microsoft says
you don't have to do in NT, but my personal experience shows otherwise.
Just load a *really* big, 32 bit color, at 1024x768 image as your

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