[rc5] MacOS vs. WinNT stability

Albert Garrido Albert.Garrido at nextel.com
Wed Jul 30 09:12:49 EDT 1997

What happens?  BTW, there's this really neat background from ID software that's
a screen shot from Quake II that's is that resolution.  

I'm waiting for it to crash (is it supposed to?)

From:   Vincent Janelle <random at avara.com>[:]
Sent:   Wednesday, July 30, 1997 7:49 AM
To:     rc5 at llamas.net
Subject:        Re: [rc5] MacOS vs. WinNT stability

One last thing, check the programs that are being run on those machines,
and if users ever had to press the reset button.  I know Microsoft says
you don't have to do in NT, but my personal experience shows otherwise.
Just load a *really* big, 32 bit color, at 1024x768 image as your
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