[rc5] Re: rc5-digest V1 #64

John Gruver moo at apk.net
Wed Jul 30 09:50:22 EDT 1997

A couple of days ago, I wrote:

> Today's trivia:  the P200/MMX runs the RC5 56-bit decryption program
> (the one I mailed you yesterday) at about 240,000 keys/second.
> Meanwhile, my lowly 604/120 runs it at 324,000 keys/second.
> Cha-ching!
> ...jg
> Thanks for the BASIC thing; I'm downloading the manual now.

Unfortunately, I hit the hotkey for "Reply" instead of the one for 
"Send to my buddy Chip" [ironic name, now that I think of it].  The 
message wasn't meant for public consumption, as the postscript might 

Anyway, I'm sorry for any feathers I ruffled.  I've got a lot of Mac 
pride--and I'm sure you're quite fond of your Pentiums, Alphas, and so 
on--but I honestly didn't mean to post that to everyone.  The 
important thing is that we use whatever we've got to find the key; it 
doesn't matter what CPU does the work or even how fast it is.  Be 
happy with your computer and do something fun and useful with it; 
that's all I'm hoping for.

My apologies to all, and olive branches for everyone.  Let's get back 
to work!


John Gruver
Possessor of newly reconfigured hotkeys, you bet.
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