Stats query? Re: [rc5] MacOS the top? Funny

Milton Forte II mwf at
Wed Jul 30 12:25:28 EDT 1997

In <l03110704b004f6543af3@[]>, on 07/30/97 
   at 09:52 AM, Rebecca and Rowland <rebecca at> said:

>I have:

>Stats run: Tue Jul 29 20:30:38 1997 GMT

>rebecca at

>Rank Email/Team                 Blocks Time Working  Last Seen     Avg
>6501 rebecca at   21     26.8 days     42.9 hrs ago  2.430
>Total: rebecca at 21      ---

>As you can see from my log file below, I last reported blocks at 13.55 GMT
>on 29/7/97.

>I'm using the Mac v2.002 client on a Performa 475 running MacOS B1-7.6.1.

>Any thoughts?  I'm a bit concerned (again) that my blocks aren't being
>reported correctly.

The about stats are totals stats that are about 2 days. They seem to be
updating them about once a week.

Try for
daily stats.

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