[rc5] MacOS vs. WinNT stability

Rebecca and Rowland rebecca at astrid.u-net.com
Wed Jul 30 19:01:29 EDT 1997

>Perhaps one of the reasons that the Mac clients are moving up so quickly in
>the statistics is that the client is very stable. Rowland's (justified)
>ravings about the 2.000 client aside, I haven't had the v2 clients crash or
>misfire in any way on the Mac once since it's release.

Part of the reason; but have you noticed how the v2.002 Mac stats are
racing up?  Neither the v2 or v2.002 clients have caused any crash that I
know of on my Performa 475 running System B1-7.6.1 in 20MB RAM with no VM,
but the v2.000 Mac client was dog slow on 68K machines and many, many
people had terrible trouble getting it to report *anything*.

>I think that the stability is related more to the machines than to the
>software. Our w95/nt/os2/linux/solaris/freeBSD clients have so far run

But...  How come the Mac client doesn't crash all the time?  Macs are
hardly famous for their stability?


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