[rc5] Cumulative stats

Joshua Weage weage at mtu.edu
Wed Jul 30 14:52:35 EDT 1997

On Wed, 30 Jul 1997 rebecca at astrid.u-net.com wrote:

> And why does the main web page claim that the stats are fully functional - it seems to me that stats *aren't* working right, and this fact has caused me some concern - I believed the inaccurate information given by the web page, which made me think that
 there was something wrong with the Mac v2.002 client which meant that it wasn't reporting blocks correctly.

	I have the same question.  After parsing my logs, I show
about 33K blocks completed, the stats only show 17K for 
my team (weage at mtu.edu).  Also, my machines cover a block in 
20 minutes, but the stats list them as 'last heard from 17 
hours ago'  What's the deal?


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