[rc5] Getting UNIX client to run nohup'ed?

Murray Stokely murray at cdrom.com
Wed Jul 30 14:05:19 EDT 1997

  I'm not experienced with Solaris much so I don't know why its
terminating, but the quick and easy solution would just be to start it
from cron.

On Wed, 30 Jul 1997, Scott McDermott wrote:

% Greetings.  I've just jumped on this here bandwagon and have a problem. 
% The Sparc clients don't seem to want to continue running after I logout,
% as they should when they're nohup'ed.  Example: 
% nohup ./rc5-client &
% Then I exit, and the client says it's received a shutdown signal (which is
% really lame).  What can I do to satisfy this client?

Murray Stokely

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