[rc5] MacOS vs. WinNT stability

Bryan Talbot btalbot at qualcomm.com
Wed Jul 30 15:07:48 EDT 1997

Steve Trottier wrote:

> odd way that log files are handled.  It seems that the NT service code
> keeps
> a log and the client tries to keep a log too (in the same file?).  The
> last
> time it crashed, it happened as I was opening the log file.

This is annoying but it only happens if you specify the same log file
for both the rc5v2.ini file and the service.  If the log files are
different or one of them has logging disabled, then you wont get the
duplicate entries.  The service and the client could stand to be
integrated more tightly so that the service didn't require a separate

Brad's problem with the crashing clients must be specific to something
else at his installation.  I am having no problems with the clients
crashing on NT 4.0.


> >>> Brad Spachman <bspachman at worldnet.att.net> 07/29/97 09:12PM >>>
> The P5/6 clients, on the other hand, crash with regularity on my NT
> boxes
> with application exception errors. It seems that half of my NT boxes
> crash
> each night. Hopefully, 2.003 will fix this, but otherwise, I'll just
> restart the crashed clients each morning.

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