[rc5] Mac V2.002 stability was MacOS vs. WinNT stability

Rebecca and Rowland rebecca at astrid.u-net.com
Thu Jul 31 00:54:37 EDT 1997

>Neither the v2 or v2.002 clients have caused any crash that I
>know of on my Performa 475 running System B1-7.6.1 in 20MB RAM with no VM,

I take this back - now I've got the v2.002 client running pretty much all
the time (I didn't often run the bloody awful v2.000 client), I've had a
couple of crashes while closing windows in the Finder with cmd-W.  This has
never happened on my Mac before - the only change in the RC5 client.  So I
reckon it's a bug in the v2.002 RC5 Mac client...  I'll see if I can
reproduce it consistently...


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