[rc5] Cumulative stats

Rebecca and Rowland rebecca at astrid.u-net.com
Thu Jul 31 00:59:42 EDT 1997

>It looks to me like the stats were last run at:
>Stats run: Tue Jul 29 03:56:06 1997 GMT
>The time stamp on the top of the other pages is listing the current time,
>not the time they were actually run.

Thanks for that - could the text be changed to reflect reality?  If it says
`Stats run at...', one could be forgiven for thinking that's what it meant.
After all, I can tell what the time is *now* by looking at my system clock.
If I want GMT, a simple bit of subtraction by 1 will give me the answer at
the moment...

>Look at the total executive summary
>for the actual time the stats were processed.

Oh obvious.

>It doesn't look like they
>have run the stats for yesterday yet, so the cumulative stats are one day

Thanks for that.

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