Stats query? Re: [rc5] MacOS the top? Funny

Rebecca and Rowland rebecca at
Thu Jul 31 01:57:59 EDT 1997

>How about looking at the right stats page?!? You were looking at the total
>stats which are only updated periodically.

I looked at the cumulative stats page, which the main web page describes as
fully functional.  There is no indication that these stats are only updated
rarely (I guessed they'd be updated *periodically*) on the rc5 web site
that I could find, and the stats page itself proclaimed:

Stats run: Tue Jul 29 20:30:38 1997 GMT
rebecca at

Which made me think `Ah!  The stats have just been updated!  So my recently
reported blocks will appear here'.

I've just found out that the phrase `Stats run' doesn't mean `Statistics
gather from the keyservers just updated' as one would think, but instead,
and rather stupidly, means `This is the time now', which I could find out
by glancing at my system clock.

> Here are your totals just from
>Rank Email/Team                 Blocks Time Working  Last Seen     Avg
>3312 rebecca at   5     22.0 hours     22.0 hrs ago  unknown
>Total: rebecca at 5      ---

This has already been pointed out to me.  It would be nice if there were
some indication that the web page is lying about the state of stats, so
that people like me without this special inside knowledge don't spend time
looking in the wrong place for information and getting worried that things
aren't working right.


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