[rc5] Anybody notice the abberations in the total proxy rate?

David McNett nugget at slacker.com
Thu Jul 31 02:05:19 EDT 1997

root was heard saying:
>[List of proxy keyserver keyrates + master keyserver keyrate]
>when I add it up the total is: 2375.85
>Where does the rest come from?

The keyrate calculated by the proxies and master that are shown on the
proxyinfo web page are caluclated using the following formula:

    [total blocks received] / [total uptime]

A little playing around with possible values shows that while very quick
and simple, this formula has a large weakness.  The validity of the 
keyrate that is calculated is very dependant on the server's uptime.

A proxy that has been online for several days will take a very long time
before it begins to show a change in its keyrate because its entire history
of activity for as long as it has been online is factored into the formula.

So, on the list you've grabbed we have proxies that have been up for as
long as a week and some which have been up only a matter of hours.  This is
where the descrepancy comes from.  The final entry, which is labelled as 
"---OVERALL SERVER RATE---" is the calculated rate from the master server, 
and is probably the best indicator of our true speed.  However, if the
server has been up for an unusually long time or an unusually short time,
this figure can be a bit "off".

A more accurate formula could be devised, but at a cost of more cpu cycles
and more complexity.

-David McNett
 nugget at slacker.com

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