[rc5-announce] New Win32 client available

Jeff Lawson jlawson at hmc.edu
Thu Jul 31 03:27:25 EDT 1997

We have a new Win32 client now available.  Although it is not based on the
general v2b3 (build 3) source that is currently undergoing final testing,
it should be sufficient for awhile.  The new Win32 gui client features the

- increased stability
- resolution of rare shared buffer/corruption issues
- faster core than the old v2b2 Win32 console version
- strict placement of buffer files in exe directory
- tray minimization
- gui based
- hidden operations
- easy auto-startup installation under Win95
- survival through Win95 user-logout
- separate utility to monitor the client while hidden.
- longer network timeouts
- improved http-mode usage
- probably more, but I forget.

If you have problems or questions regarding the new Win32 GUI client,
please direct them to rc5help at slacker.com so that we can answer your
questions promptly.

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