Stats query? Re: [rc5] MacOS the top? Funny

Marc Farnum Rendino mvgfr at
Thu Jul 31 09:51:58 EDT 1997

At 7:57 PM -0400 on 1997/07/30, Rowland wrote:

> I've just found out that the phrase `Stats run' doesn't mean `Statistics
> gather from the keyservers just updated' as one would think, but instead,
> and rather stupidly, means `This is the time now', which I could find out
> by glancing at my system clock.

Chill _out_!

There's no need for to be slingling around things like "stupidly". All that
sort of thing does is make matters worse.

FWIW, my interpretation of the dating on the stats is that it's when the
stats were run (isn't that what it says?) not necessarily that all the
stats up to that time were included, and there's nothing stupid about that.

_Please_ chill _out_!

- Marc

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