[rc5] Chilled was Re: Stats query?

Wayne Collins wayncoll at enoreo.on.ca
Thu Jul 31 14:28:39 EDT 1997


I just thought you might like to know that I have added you to my email 
kill list. I won't receive another message from you so don't bother 

To play "Your Game"...The volume of useless and inane messages you send 
combined with your idiotic attitude is too much to handle.



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Subject:	[rc5] Chilled was Re: Stats query?

>Date: Thu, 31 Jul 1997 08:51:58 -0400
>From: Marc Farnum Rendino <mvgfr at netcom.com>
>At 7:57 PM -0400 on 1997/07/30, Rowland wrote:
>> I've just found out that the phrase `Stats run' doesn't mean `Statistics
>> gather from the keyservers just updated' as one would think, but 
>> and rather stupidly, means `This is the time now', which I could find 
>> by glancing at my system clock.
>Chill _out_!

This *is* chilled out.

>There's no need for to be slingling around things like "stupidly". All 
>sort of thing does is make matters worse.

Are you sure?  Since using that phrase, I have received a reply from
someone in charge of such things.  Before I used that phrase, my queries
were ignored.  The evidence appears to be that using such a phrase means
that you get noticed.

I must say I dislike this state of affairs, but if `They' won't listen
unless you hurl insults, then I'll play `Their' game and hurl insults.

>FWIW, my interpretation of the dating on the stats is that it's when the
>stats were run (isn't that what it says?) not necessarily that all the
>stats up to that time were included, and there's nothing stupid about 

Eh?  But surely `when the stats were run' means `This is the time at which
these stats were generated from the data we have received'?

What's stupid about the phrase is that it's clearly terribly ambiguous...

>_Please_ chill _out_!

As I say, I *am* chilled out...  I've been very irritated at having my
queries to rc5help at slacker.com ignored.  I'm well aware that this kind of
posting won't endear me to anyone - but it might make life a little easier
for everyone else if the cock-ups are fixed.


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