[rc5] Re: Cyberian client's rate (was New Win32 client available

Murray Stokely murray at cdrom.com
Thu Jul 31 14:42:56 EDT 1997

Are they starting at key 1?  That would be pretty retarded on their
part.  It's much more likely they've started somewhere after the
halfway point.

% Well, no, the point is that, even though the cyberian client is faster, at
% least 8% (or whatever we're up to now) of the keys they check are keys
% that we've already checked.  Just like with random block generation, a
% fair amount of time is wasted doing work that's already been done, which
% lowers the *effective* speed of their client.  Of course, we take a small
% hit too, because some of our work duplicates theirs, but there's no help
% for it.

Murray Stokely

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