[rc5] Re: Cyberian client's rate (was New Win32 client available

Murray Stokely murray at cdrom.com
Thu Jul 31 15:26:12 EDT 1997

(I notice you couldn't refute my first and primary argument)

% ...none for us either...

I'm confused.  We are in the US.  Why are you allowed to export the
software which clearly is over 40bits?  Just curious.  DESChall
couldn't export their clients.

% Marginally, from what I've seen

Signifigantly, from what I've experienced.

% Whereas with Bovine, $8,000 of the money goes to benefit all of humanity.
% :)

Project Gutenberg is hardly the charity I would have chosen.  It's not
even a Non-Profit organization?

% Sure, the job might get done a little faster if everyone suddenly switched
% to Cyberian, bringing with us all the information about the blocks that
% have already been processed.  Expecting that to happen is about as
% realistic as expecting Louis Freeh to make a public apology to Internet
% users everywhere for being a dumbass.

I'm waiting for email back from the organizers of their effort.  If
they have started the keyspace sequentially starting at the first key
like Bovine, then I'll just ignore the whole effort as pointless.  But
if they're starting with keys we haven't checked i'll switch over.

Murray Stokely

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