[rc5] Re: Cyberian client's rate (was New Win32 client available

Murray Stokely murray at cdrom.com
Thu Jul 31 15:41:37 EDT 1997

On Thu, 31 Jul 1997, Marc Sissom wrote:
% We don't have any export restrictions now.

Cool.  Could someone please point me to a web page where I can read
about this.. i thought it would be resticted.

% Some are faster, some are not.

Which ones aren't.  FreeBSD, Linux, and Win32 (the ones I've
personally seen) are dramatically faster.  One of my old FreeBSD boxes
(386) more than doubled its keys/second.

% So what. Even if you stay here, they still have working
% stats. The rate of key consumption will not be greatly
% affected by the quality of a web page. Don't argue
% aesthetics. If an individual is interested in helping
% out, they will. If not, a neato web page won't change
% their mind.

I don't care about aesthetics.  I just think working team stats are
essential.  It turns into a little competition.

% Less for Project G, which any decent netizen should be
% interested in promoting. $1K is enough for a mb, cpu, ram,
% video, disk, or printer upgrade, a nice party for the
% email team, or a sizeable chunk of books and tuition.
% Don't be so greedy.

You need to do some more research into Project Gutenberg.  I'd donate
most of my winnings to the Free Software Foundation.  I very much like
the money distribution, just not the choice of charity with Bovine.

Murray Stokely

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