[rc5] Re: [rc5-announce] New Win32 client available

Bryan Talbot btalbot at qualcomm.com
Thu Jul 31 16:18:52 EDT 1997

I don't think this would be too difficult for the Bovine programmers to
do that either.  Instead of linking all the code into the executable,
just link a library (shared or just an archive) and then distribute it
with a simple client like they have now.  Then if someone wants to get
fancy, they can hack together their own wrapper around the library.
Would be nice to have the library mt safe too, but that might be more

On a side note, now that the "my platform (os, cpu, whatever) is better
than yours" have stopped for a while, can we stop the "some other
(charity, crack effort) is better than this"?  It just doesn't do any
good to bitch about something that can't or won't be changed now.

My two cents.

Murray Stokely wrote:

> That would rule.  I've been playing around with Motif programming
> lately, I might get a sudden burst of creativity or something ;)
> On Thu, 31 Jul 1997, Bryan Talbot wrote:
> % Nice, now all I need is an xwindows client that makes it easy to
> monitor
> % a bunch of remote unix machines!

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