[rc5] Re: Cyberian client's rate (was New Win32 client available)

Vincent Janelle random at avara.com
Thu Jul 31 19:21:07 EDT 1997

1) There are no export restrictions on the rc5 client.
2) They're not going to get a lot faster.  Most of our clients are faster
than theirs.
3) I'm not in this for the stats, I'm in this to prove that 56 Bit is not
enough to protect our privacy.
4) See three -- I'm not really interested in the money(well, I am, but I
like to be on the wining side.)

The cyberian people have been playing with people's greed, and their lack
of knowledge that the US government has up'd teh max export to 56 bit.

On Thu, 31 Jul 1997, Murray Stokely wrote:

> But if we all switched over there, we would get the job done faster.  period.
>   - no export restrictions
>   - faster clients
>   - working stats
>   - more prize money for the winning netizen
> If they are smart they should start at the half way point as far as
> keys are concerned.  That way the two efforts don't overlap in any
> way, and it won't really matter which one the average person
> participates in.
> On Thu, 31 Jul 1997, Vincent Janelle wrote:
> % I believe the point of this letter is that we are going at over a
> % gigakey/sec.  it will take a *very, very, very* long time, at their rate,
> % to catch up to us.  The differences that have been shown here are small,
> % compared to the Bovine efforts speed vs the cyberian efforts total speed.
> Murray Stokely
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