[rc5] Re: Cyberian client's rate (was New Win32 client available

Marc Sissom msissom at dnaent.com
Thu Jul 31 18:09:57 EDT 1997

At 02:26 PM 7/31/97 -0700, you wrote:
>(I notice you couldn't refute my first and primary argument)

Which one was that? I'll insert pieces of your original here:

>But if we all switched over there, we would get the job done faster.  period.
You mean the "if we all switched..."? have you compared their client on
non-linux platforms? So if we all switch, including the PPC folks, would
there still be a net increase in speed? If that is your first argument,
you need to provide some proof yourself, before we need to attempt to
disprove it. A claim does not imply any validity.

Here's some more from your original:

>  - no export restrictions
>  - faster clients
>  - working stats
>  - more prize money for the winning netizen
>% ...none for us either...
>I'm confused.  We are in the US.  Why are you allowed to export the
>software which clearly is over 40bits?  Just curious.  DESChall
>couldn't export their clients.

I have successfully exported millions of bits of software. I have
not exported any encryption software that uses keys of greater
than 40 bits. You might notice that we are not encrypting any
data. The encrypted data is freely available. You might also note
that bovine has lots of participants in Europe. This should give
you something of a clue that your interpretation of the rules is
in error. DESCHALL, to the best of my knowledge was not under
any official limitations. They _chose_ not to allow the software
across the border.

>% Marginally, from what I've seen
>Signifigantly, from what I've experienced.

Better experience some more if you want to back up that "if we all
switched..." claim.

>% Whereas with Bovine, $8,000 of the money goes to benefit all of humanity.
>% :)
>Project Gutenberg is hardly the charity I would have chosen.  It's not
>even a Non-Profit organization?

Ah, you have hit upon the key point! You get to choose!
The other part I cannot understand. You make a statement,
but follow it with a question mark. Is English your native

>I'm waiting for email back from the organizers of their effort.  If
>they have started the keyspace sequentially starting at the first key
>like Bovine, then I'll just ignore the whole effort as pointless.  But
>if they're starting with keys we haven't checked i'll switch over.

You might send a note to bovine as well. The keyspace has not been
allocated in a sequential, linear fashion. Even the keyblocks that
you get from the proxies do not arrive in order.

Man, you really need to practice getting a hold of some more data
before you start drawing conclusions.

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