[rc5] Re: rc5-digest V1 #67

Erik Farquhar farquhar at acsu.buffalo.edu
Thu Jul 31 20:50:35 EDT 1997

> I'm confused.  We are in the US.  Why are you allowed to export the
> software which clearly is over 40bits?  Just curious.  DESChall
> couldn't export their clients.

It wasn't so much that DESCHALL couldn't export thier clients as that the
organizer wished to completely avoid any crap from the US federal
government a la the harassment of Phil Zimmerman over PGP.  The DESCHALL
clients could have probably been exported legally -- but no one, as far as
I know, made an effort to find out...

BTW, Project Gutenburg IS non-profit...

Erik Farquhar
farquhar at acsu.buffalo.edu

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