Whinging? was [rc5] MacOS the top? Funny

Joe Zitzelberger zberger at ldl.net
Thu Jul 31 23:17:51 EDT 1997

On 7/29/97 3:40 PM Rebecca and Rowland blurted:

>>The more people bitch, whine and complain, the longer it takes for the
>>people who are doing the work to do it.
>But... without the complaints, the people doing the work would never know
>what needed to be done.  The official line on the Mac v2.000 client was
>that it `ran fine straight out of the box'.  That statement is so
>inaccurate it qualifies as a statistic...

The only complaints I've seen about the Mac v2.000 build had the headers 
'Rebecca and Rowland' attached....I've haven't noticed others (though I 
must admit, I only briefly scan the list for news of the mac client) and 
have had the thing running continously for 3 weeks, I've only taken it 
down to install OS8 and put the v2.002 build up....

Perhaps you should look into an init conflict or some strange hardware 
you might have....

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