[rc5] An alias to find block count status (v2)

Amos Shapira amos at gezernet.co.il
Tue Jul 1 01:33:10 EDT 1997


Here is an alias to print the number of blocks in a v2 disk file.
When applied to buff-in then it shows the number of blocks available
for processing, while when applied to buff-out it shows the number of
blocks processed and ready to be 'flushed' back to the server.

The alias is based soleley on knowledge I guessed from looking at the
files, if someone here knows the format and can verify/correct me then
I'll appreciate that:

alias count od -A n -j 7 -N 1 -t u1


count buff-in.rc5
count buff-out.rc5

This alias assumes GNU od (as available on Linux), to explain the arguments:

-A n - don't print the offset
-j 7 - skip 7 bytes
-N 1 - print one byte
-t u1 - print it as a one-byte unsigned decimal



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