[rc5] linux-elf & firewalls?

Benedikt Eric Heinen beh at icemark.ch
Tue Jul 1 08:46:42 EDT 1997

Hi there,

  did anyopne manage to set up the linux client to work via http? I set up
rc5v2 to Network Mode 4 and specified our http proxy, but I only got error
messageews from the client when trying to run it afterwards (network error
3/0 resp. 23/0). Oh, btw - when choosing the hgttp proxy, I would have
guessed that I should have been presented with the UUE/HTTP mode option,
mentioned on your documentation page, but that option is not available. Is
that normal for a linux-elf-ppro client?

  What I worked with before on the particular machine was a selfcompiled
client with socks support (for a socks4 gate), which was fine. I'd like to
get the same for the V2 clients if possible.



          Hiroshima '45           Chernobyl '86           Windows '95

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