[rc5] rc5v2 -flush and -fetch...

Milton Forte II mwf at ibm.net
Tue Jul 1 02:55:19 EDT 1997

In <Pine.A41.3.96.970701071308.58758A-100000 at vipunen.hut.fi>, on 07/01/97 
   at 12:14 AM, Tero Kilkanen <tkilkane at cc.hut.fi> said:

>	There's something odd with these... I had a 4100 byte long
>buff-out.rc5 file in both my clients directories (I run two clients to keep
>my machines busy 24H). I run rc5v2 -flush on both of them. First reported
>that it sent 10 keys, the second reported that it sent 20 keys. Why is this?

When you get an error on a flush, it may send some keys but it doesn't tell
you.  So, when you flush again the rest of the keys are sent and only those
keys are reported as being sent.

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