[rc5] Why is v2 slower on SPARCs?

Adrian Sieber Adrian.Sieber at unifr.ch
Tue Jul 1 15:44:18 EDT 1997

Is there a reason for this (running on SunOS 5.5):

                         v1 client:       v2 client:

    Ultra 2, 200 MHz:  197122 keys/sec  161101 keys/sec 
    Sparc 5, 170 MHz:  113442 keys/sec   96498 keys/sec 
    Sparc 10, 50 MHz:   63262 keys/sec   58174 keys/sec 

Why isn't v2 at least the same speed as the old v1 clients?

Adrian Sieber
Institute of Computer Science - University of Fribourg (Switzerland)

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