[rc5] New competitor

RC5 Team rc5 at aion.cs.kuleuven.ac.be
Tue Jul 1 15:59:05 EDT 1997

Even though this new competitor is appealing cause of its five-fold price
money, there are several reasons why I won't move there...

* First of all I've spent already enough time setting up all the clients
  here, optimizing and automating keeping them running.
* The new competitor is probably still 'immature' in the sense that they
  will find new bugs, only have 1 keyserver, give very little information
  on their clients, etc...etc...
* The Bovine v2 clients seem to be a success (at least for me) running
  happily at 99.9% so to speak, thanks to the keyblock buffering, which
  was a great idea.

One but...: why is v2 so much slower on Sparcs than v1 ?!?!?! This has been
mentioned several times here and no answers at all so far! That's why I'm
still running v1's on those (as well as on our Alphas). So I hope you guys
soon come up with v2's for Solaris and Alpha/OSF which perform as
satisfactory as the Intel/Linux v2's.


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