[rc5] New competitor

Brian Hechinger wonko at blackhole.arkham.net
Tue Jul 1 11:29:48 EDT 1997

Dirk Moerenhout drunkenly mumbled...
> > One but...: why is v2 so much slower on Sparcs than v1 ?!?!?! This has been
> > mentioned several times here and no answers at all so far! That's why I'm
> > still running v1's on those (as well as on our Alphas). So I hope you guys
> > soon come up with v2's for Solaris and Alpha/OSF which perform as
> > satisfactory as the Intel/Linux v2's.
> Well this is one thing why you might get interested in the competitor. 
> They have a Sparc-client running up to 50% faster than what v1 does now. 
> (Sun sparc 20 (supersparc) gains 50% over here, voyager (microsparc) 
> gains 25%)

ok, on this note, i have gotten the source code to the v2 client and will be
spending some time working on optimizing it for the sparc machines.  i can't
promise a release date yet, but i will keep the list updated of what happens.


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