[rc5] New competitor

Joshua Weage weage at mtu.edu
Tue Jul 1 12:42:43 EDT 1997

> > Well this is one thing why you might get interested in the competitor.
> > They have a Sparc-client running up to 50% faster than what v1 does now.
> > (Sun sparc 20 (supersparc) gains 50% over here, voyager (microsparc)
> > gains 25%)
> Bovine is simply short of good Sparc programmers. I have a few Sparc
> CPUs here but am extremely disappointed by their performance. (Of course
> I am aware of the lack of ROT instructions on Sparc.) But I am sure some
> good Sparc programmers can optimise and make things much better. If you
> know of any, recommend them to help Bovine. 

	Darrel Kindred (?? I'm not sure on the last name) programmed
an extremely fast Ultra client for Deschal.  He managed to get
two 32 bit processes running on one 64 bit processor, as well
as using an improved key search method.  Anyone know who
I am talking about?  Maybe he would be willing to help out.


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