[rc5] How to setup client behind Firewall.

Luc I. Suryo luc at Patriots.NET
Tue Jul 1 19:18:00 EDT 1997


Hope someone can help me with this one
We have about 5 system doing othing during the next 2 months, so let's roll ;-

This is the situation

system1 ------|
systemx ------|
  |           |
  -------------------------------------> Firewall -> The Net.
socks-4client |
              -------------------------> socks4 server -> The Net.

All are Sun system running Solaris.
Can someone please tell me how to setup the clients (maybe a personal
proxy?) so they can get the blocks via the http-proxy?

I do prefer to go via the http proxy, I can then use 2 PCs here
(WinNT and Win95) that are doing nothing.


Kind regards
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