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Arvin Meyer onsite at esinet.net
Tue Jul 1 13:28:08 EDT 1997

Yes that's the sentence. It is ambiguous, possibly because English may not
be the native language of the writer. But I would think it is obvious that
each person would have to pay his/her own taxes.

So the only other explanation would be that the money would be taxed in
entirety in Finland, then the programmers would get $5000 leaving a
possible negative amount to the winner, who might also be responsible for
taxes in his/her own country.

Sounds ridiculous doesn't it.  The alternative would be to divide with
money first. I sure hope that they can clear this up.
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> From: Jonas Svensson <jonass at lysator.liu.se>
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> Subject: Re: [rc5] New competitor
> Date: Tuesday, July 01, 1997 9:38 AM
> On Tue, 1 Jul 1997, Arvin Meyer wrote:
> > If you read the fine print, it says something about the winner has to
> > all the taxes for both shares. In Europe, this could mean that you owe
> > than you get! and even in the US, it'll cost you a couple of thousand.
> Is it this sentence you are referring to ? "However, the person receiving
> the 50% must take of possible taxes by him/herself!"
> I do not think it says that you have to pay their taxes. I think it says
> that the reward is not tax-free and you have to pay your own taxes.
> Am I wrong ? If so I sure would like to know!
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