[rc5] v2 clients and personal proxy server?

root marcus at dfwmm.net
Tue Jul 1 17:06:00 EDT 1997

Patrick O'Brien wrote:
> Has anyone else had trouble getting the v2 clients to connect to a
> personal proxy server (or anything other than rc5proxy)?  It works
> fine with the v1 clients, but the v2 clients say:
>  [bourbon 29] rc5v2-ultrasparc
> Network::Error 3/0
> Unable to fetch more blocks, sleeping 30 secondsGetBufferError
> Network::Error 3/0

I think that it is fairly well documented, at least in the
mailing list archive, that the v2 clients are not v1 proxy
compatible. Stick with your v1 clients behind the firewall
until they release the v2 pproxy which I have been told will
be compatible with both v1 and v2 clients.
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