[rc5] Mac RC5 client quit unexpectedly

Rene Kint itsux at xs4all.nl
Wed Jul 2 15:01:22 EDT 1997

> > Using rc5-client-68k v1 - the v2 client is not yet available for Macs.
> > There was no version number in the info panel.

> Ouch! I do wish there were a smaller block size. I'm running the client on
> some SE/30's and it takes something like 30 hours. :)


I was wondering: does the Mac68k client run on plain 68000 machines? I
have a few Atari ST's running the Spectre GCR Mac emulator
here....talking about cross-platform, eh?

If possible I'd like to run the client on these Atari's as well. If an
Atari cracks the code, THAT would be headline news ;-)

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